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About Us


The Children's Philharmonic

We believe that every voice matters. Music can heal, inspire, and bring out the best in everyone.  It is our vision to share young talents while inspiring the community to be the best it can be.  

We are a concert venue that offers performing opportunities to emerging artists. We also collaborate with established musicians to share in our coommon cause. 


Upcoming events

  • Theme Concerts
  • Opera Studio
  • Showcase Perfromances
  • Essay Contests


Giving Back

The Children's Philharmonic believes in creating educated listeners. We partner with schools and organizations to supplement their music programs by bringing in lecture concerts performed by children for children.

Stay tuned for a Virtual Concert!


Dear young artists,

As we stay in our homes, wondering when the world will be back to the way it was before, we must not forget that music is something that survived through every storm and crisis. 

Even though we can't come together for our planned concert this March 2020, Bach: An Ocean of Music, we must remember that the ocean of music lies in our hearts and minds. 

Music exists even if we are not in the same room together. It is something that never dies, as long as we play and listen to its beauty. 

As we wait for our lives to get back to normal, we will honor this beauty and will share our gift of music the best way we can: on social media (Facebook, YouTube, and The Children's Philharmonic website). 

We are currently putting together a virtual concert complete with lecture,  posting the whole production online. 

Thank you for your dedication and support. 

In a world of darkness and uncertainty, let us embrace the light that fills our hearts!


The Children's Philharmonic Team